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Initial Business Consultancy

Looking for Insights and Opportunities

You should be continually questioning your online marketing activity as you look to make regular improvements. Such as, how can I get more visitors to my website? What’s the most effective use of my budget? Why aren’t I achieving more conversions once people visit my site? Any what are my competitors doing better than me?

At Web Marketing Workshop we provide a wide range of online marketing services to our clients, but it all starts with understanding your business objectives and target market. Our initial business consultancy involves asking the right questions, and then presenting our recommendations and proposals for your future marketing strategy.

We will review your website from an impartial, independent perspective and, combined with access to your web analytics, we will identify the positive and negative aspects of your online presence. Since your website is likely to be the central hub around which all your other online marketing activity revolves, this aspect is one of the most important factors to consider and to continually review when looking for areas to improve your conversion optimisation.

Review your competitive position

Your competitive situation is also a big consideration and you need to look at your business from the perspective of a new potential customer who is researching the market. How does your site compare to others, what’s your message and how does your product and service stack up?

Having a good understanding of your target market is the foundation for all your marketing activities you implement, from the tone of voice of your messages, to your media choices and allocation of ad spend. We can help at each stage of the process, in a clear, non-technical way that builds on our years of experience across many different market sectors and websites.

If you would like to find out more about how we work, please contact us now for an initial discussion, or you can request our FREE marketing assessment to discover what online marketing opportunities may exist for your website.

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