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Establishing Your Brand

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Brand positioning can set your business apart from your competitors, and is just as important online as with a traditional offline business. Everything that your business does, from the website design and content, to the way you market your company and communicate with clients, should be planned and developed with a clear objective.

Part of this process is your marketing integration, whereby you need to combine all your online and offline activities as closely as possible to produce the same creative imagery and message content to your target market. Business integration should therefore be a core consideration in the overall brand positioning and marketing strategy of your company, and it will determine the ways that a website is designed and operates.

How your website can support an integrated marketing strategy

With online marketing now becoming a vital business channel for many companies, the website is central to an integrated marketing campaign.

Examples of this can be:

  • all marketing and advertising activity, whether online or offline, should include the web address to provide more information, or specific micro-sites can be used to support a targeted campaign
  • the use of branding, images and content on a website can support and enhance other marketing channels
  • the web address should be included as a link from all company e-mails, either incorporated in the message at relevant points, or within the signature file
  • customer services can use the website to provide additional support to customers or prospects. You can make the website the first port of call for any information or services you provide, but also give users the option to call and speak to someone too!

As search engine marketing is one of the core ways to attract new business to your website, you need to consider how search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising will present your business and then, what experience each website visitor will have once they come to your site.

Building your online brand

Other online marketing techniques will also be important in developing your branding on the Internet and you will need to understand how customer perceptions of your online business may differ from your existing offline business.

Web Marketing Workshop can help you to identify ways to integrate your online development and marketing strategy with other parts of your business process. Contact us now to find out more, or request our FREE marketing assessment to get our perspective on your website and possible marketing opportunities.

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