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Web Analytics Insights

Make Google Analytics Work For You

Taking advantage of the data that’s collected by Google Analytics, or any other web analytics package, is a key part of any online marketing campaign, and we’re here to answer your questions and shed light on the numbers and trends that you’ll see.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of reports and analysis tools, although there are probably no more than 10 core reports that provide the best insights for your website, from locations and devices, to marketing sources and conversions, and page visits and site load speed. It’s important to ensure that you’re tracking all the data elements you need for your business – particularly goals and events – and using this information to see business advantages.

Turn data into decisions

The role of Google Analytics is to make use of the insights to then help keep your online business improving, from obvious trends that indicate where changes can be made, to possible indicators that may require testing to challenge assumptions and direct your decisions to the right outcomes.

At Web Marketing Workshop, we work with Google Analytics on a daily basis for many different types of clients. We can help you ensure that your Analytics tracking is set up as effectively as possible for your website, and then use the reports to uncover the business insights that you need for your competitive advantage.

Our services include one-off help with setup, ongoing reporting and analysis, as well as Google Analytics training, either as part of a group course or through a personalised and tailored in-house training session.

We also work with Google Tag Manager if this is a better solution for your business, providing the same range of services to achieve the required end result for your tracking and reporting objectives.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us now for an initial discussion, or you can request our FREE analytics assessment to identify where the main improvements could be made with your data analysis and outcomes.

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