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What Online Marketing Tactics to Use?

Whatever type of website you have, whether ecommerce, marketing or informational, you need visitors, who will be interested in what you have to offer and therefore likely to become your customers.

Driving these visitors to your site can be done in many different ways, and we’ve outlined here the pros and cons of each method – follow the links below or to the right to find out more:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): the majority of your site visitors will come from an online search, which is usually Google. So how do you optimise your website to get a high ranking on Google and attract relevant clicks through to your site?

Paid Search Advertising (Google Ads): since search is a powerful source of visitor traffic, you may need to consider using paid search ads to drive potential customers to your site. How can you best manage your ad spend through data driven marketing platforms like Google Ads (AdWords)?

Local Search Marketing: if your business targets a local market, how can you target this audience using tools like Google My Business and other local directory sources?

Email Marketing: regular communication with your client base can be highly responsive, or reaching other new prospects with personalised messages. But how can this be done most effectively?

Social Media Marketing: build relationships with your customers and prospects through social media, providing a visual and message based approach to developing your brand. There are many different approaches to using social media effectively, so how can it best work for your business?

Display Advertising: using banner ads to establish better brand awareness can work well for some online businesses, whether it’s using Google’s Display Network or other advertising networks. From remarketing, to audience targeted ads, which approach might work best for your business?

Reputation Management: an essential part of any online marketing strategy is the protection and development of your brand. How is your brand represented and how can it be better protected through search, social media and other channels?

Affiliate Marketing: still an effective marketing strategy for some companies, affiliate networks have a role to play in generating enquiries or sales. What are the recommended techniques and which are the best networks?

Google Analytics: although not a marketing approach, Google Analytics is the foundation for all your online business activities, and provides insights on where improvements can be made. Are you making the most of your Google Analytics reports?

Using some or all of the above techniques effectively can have a big impact on your business success and bottom line. To find out more about which techniques will work best for your business, and how we can help answer your questions, please contact us now or request a FREE website marketing assessment.

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