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Good User Experience

Keeping It Simple

User experience (or UX) is one of the current ‘buzzwords’ in the online marketing world, and often relates to website design, but should encompass all engagement points that a customer or potential customer may have with an online business.

Setting up a new business online can sometimes be done with a low entry cost and unfortunately with limited thought about the end results for the main target audience. However, a poor user experience with a website can have a significant detrimental effect on achieving the desired sales or other conversion actions.

From a slow load time, to poor navigation and complicated enquiry or checkout processes, these types of things can quickly lead to a potential customer giving up and looking elsewhere, with a negative impact on the business’s brand, and at worst, generating poor reviews or word of mouth.

Consider the mobile experience

In an increasingly mobile-centric world, the use of mobile-friendly or responsive websites is essential, and having a website that can work effectively on all platforms is vital, together with presenting a modern and up to date image.

Business owners are usually so close to their own business and website that they don’t notice the simple issues that could be causing barriers to their website users and potential customers. Likewise, at Web Marketing Workshop we welcome feedback from anyone about our website and user experience – both good and bad!

Test, review, improve

The key to a user experience is that even if it’s not quite right from the outset, it can be identified and fixed, or tested, to continually make improvements. Using tools like Google Analytics, or from getting direct feedback from online users, companies should be open to a process of review, testing and changing to make the user experience as efficient and customer-friendly as possible, from website design to customer contact points.

Web Marketing Workshop can help with this process. We can provide our own feedback and opinion, or get other specialists involved where required. Ultimately, data – and specifically conversions – will provide the signposts and solutions to improving user experience and getting better results.

Ask us now about ways we can help, or request a FREE assessment of your website for some initial feedback.

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