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Conversion Optimisation

Turning More Visits Into Sales

These days, online marketing is all about conversion optimisation – how to convert more of your website visitors into a desired conversion, whether it’s a sale, enquiry, store visit, newsletter sign-up or increased pageviews. In an increasingly competitive and costly market, achieving a higher conversion rate can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Every marketing campaign that involves your website should be focused on the primary objective of achieving a desired conversion. And with the amount of data available, particularly with a tool like Google Analytics, conversion optimisation should be an all encompassing attitude that helps improve your online results.

Better insights from data

The type and range of tools that are now available online ensure that data-driven marketing is now more powerful than ever. The targeting options and data reporting from tools like Google AdWords and Facebook advertising mean that advertisers have a huge amount of information to implement, review and develop marketing campaigns like never before.

At the back end, the extensive reports and insights from Google Analytics and other website tracking tools means that marketers can isolate and target problem areas, or make the most of activities that yield strong returns.

However, this amount of data and reporting options can be daunting for many online businesses who want to focus on their core activity. This is where Web Marketing Workshop can help, through our consultancy, management or training services, to give you the support and insights you need to make your efforts – and spend – more effective.

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