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Google Shopping Ads & Product Feeds

Sell More Products Through Search Ads

Google Shopping is one of the best campaign options in a Google Ads account that allows potential customers to easily find products from your e-commerce website and compare prices between different vendors. The search results with product images can appear both at the top of the search results or to the right of the results page, as well as within the ‘Shopping’ search section on Google.

With the right management, Google Shopping campaigns have the potential to significantly increase sales, be extremely lucrative and produce excellent returns for e-commerce retailers.

google-partnersAs a Premier Google Partner and Shopping management specialists / product feed experts (including manual feeds), Web Marketing Workshop knows how to target your products to the potential customers most interested in them, both online and in-store, using Local Inventory Ads within a Shopping campaign.

The latter option is particularly effective as research shows that 3 out of 4 users who search for a local business on Google end up walking into the shop within 24 hours. You can learn more about using a Google Shopping campaign to promote local inventory for a bricks-and-mortar store.

Making Google Shopping work

As Google Shopping campaign experts, we ensure the optimal Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) is achieved through management of the four key components in a search ads campaign:

  • Campaign Structure (standard or ‘Smart’);
  • Product Feed (development and optimisation, inc. manual feeds);
  • Bidding (manual or automated);
  • Meaningful reporting (with Search and Display networks either combined, or separated so results from each channel can be seen clearly).

You can learn more about the pros and cons of Smart Shopping campaigns and the importance of understanding the increasingly complex bidding strategies (for all types of Google Ads campaigns).

In-depth experience and a clear comprehension of these elements is critical to determine which management strategy best suits specific markets. It’s through this knowledge that our Shopping and product feed management service is able to bring the best results not otherwise achieved using other digital marketing channels.

Getting better results from Shopping Ads

The advantages of utilising the Google Shopping management skills of Web Marketing Workshop – one of Australia’s most experienced Google Premier Partner agencies – are:

  • Your products are targeted towards the most relevant audience, when and where they want to see them;
  • The product feed is optimised to ensure that it’s the highest quality and the resulting average cost per click is as low as possible;
  • The conversion rate, cost-per-acquisition, value per transaction, return on advertising spend and overall margin are the primary considerations, not just the number of clicks and click-through-rate to the site;
  • The determination and know-how to increase margins year-on-year through on-going campaign optimisation. This encourages long-term client loyalty which enables Shopping management without any minimum term contracts as our large and loyal client base is accumulated entirely on tangible results;
  • The provision of reports that clearly show the spend and return, so they’re easy to understand and see the actual quantifiable profit;
  • The peace-of-mind that Web Marketing Workshop have been specialists in the Google Ads (AdWords) field for over 20 years, and we’ve helped hundreds of companies understand and improve their online and website marketing strategies to get effective results from an increasingly confusing and misleading marketplace.

Put simply, we’re here to get you the highest possible profit from increased sales of your products, both on and offline (if applicable).

If you want to know more about how your business would benefit from utilising our Google Shopping management experience and in-depth skills, please contact us now.

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