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Use a Shopping Campaign to Promote Local Inventory

Three out of four users who search for a local business on Google end up walking in within 24 hours. This is very predictable behaviour and a strong indicator of buying intention, so that by optimising for store visits will allow advertisers to show their Google Ads to people doing local searches.

Since their launch in 2014, Google’s Local Inventory Ads (which are part of a Shopping campaign) have gained a lot of traction in driving in-store sales and footfall. They are a great way of connecting online and offline stores by taking advantage of your consumers’ location and need for convenience. Research has indicated that 8 out of 10 consumers are less likely to visit a store if they can’t see their online inventory.

The purpose of Local Inventory Ads is to draw nearby customers searching on mobile devices into physical store locations. These are localised ads that are displayed when a consumer types a phrase into Google such as ‘black dresses near me’.

The information offered – such as opening hours, store proximity, price and inventory (when clicked) – allows for a shorter purchasing journey, and therefore saves the consumer time. Instead of the sale being made online, Google’s goal with these campaigns is for it to be made in-store

By default, Shopping campaigns show ads for products sold from your online website. If you enable Local Inventory Ads in your Shopping campaign, you can promote products you sell online, locally, or in both channels.

For Shopping campaigns Local Inventory Ads are Shopping ads that give the option to buy online, but also show nearest physical locations where this product can be bought. To use these, it’s not currently necessary to set up a Smart Shopping Campaign as you can simply enable Google to show your business location with your shopping ad in the campaign setting and by following these implementation instructions.

(Local Inventory Ads will soon be coming to Smart Shopping campaigns, which will include the ability to view store visit reports).

For the High Street to survive, businesses need to be innovative and digitally savvy. There have recently been several high profile casualties such as House of Fraser and Toys ‘r’ Us, who failed to move with the times.

Consumers want tech and immersive experiences, but retailers and brands don’t need to turn their whole business upside down to cater for this. Strategies as simple as local inventory ads can begin the process, deliver good ROI, drive footfall and build in-store sales, helping breathe life back into the High Street.

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