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Unlocking the Potential of Google’s URL Inspection Tool

Google’s URL Inspection Tool is an invaluable asset for SEO and website management. Integrated within Google Search Console, this tool provides detailed insights into how Google views and interacts with your website, facilitating better optimisation and performance.

The URL Inspection Tool offers comprehensive analysis of specific URLs within your site. It reveals critical information such as the current index status, last crawl date and any detected errors. This allows webmasters to diagnose and fix issues that might be hindering their pages from performing well in search results.

The results shown are from most recently indexed version of a page (the cached page), not the live version on the web. The page may have changed or become unavailable since Google last saw it. To test the current version of the page as Google would see it, select the ‘Live Test’ button on the page.

Key Features and Benefits

Index Coverage
The tool shows whether a URL is indexed by Google, and if not, why it might be excluded. This helps in identifying and resolving issues that prevent your content from being searchable.

Crawl Information
Detailed data about Google’s last crawl of the URL is provided, including the crawl date, any crawling errors, and the canonical URL chosen by Google. This helps ensure that Google is correctly interpreting your pages.

Request (re)indexing
You can request that an inspected URL be indexed by Google. Indexing can take up to a week or two; you can check the progress using this tool.

Mobile Usability
With mobile-first indexing being crucial, the tool checks the mobile usability of your pages, highlighting any mobile-specific issues that need attention.

Rich Results
For websites utilising structured data, the URL Inspection Tool indicates whether the URL is eligible for rich results, which can enhance visibility and click-through rates.

Live Test
This feature allows you to test the URL in real-time, providing immediate feedback on any issues and confirming whether recent changes have been successfully implemented.

View the Rendered Page
You can view a screenshot of the rendered page as Googlebot sees it. This is useful for confirming that all elements of the page are present and appear as you intend. Differences might be the result of resources that are blocked to Googlebot. (A screenshot is available only in a live test with a successful test result).

Troubleshoot a Missing Page
If you think a page hasn’t been indexed, it’s possible to verify and troubleshoot the issue.


To use the URL Inspection Tool effectively, start by entering the URL you wish to inspect into the tool within Google Search Console. Review the detailed report provided, focusing on any errors or issues highlighted. Use this information to make necessary adjustments to your website’s content, structure, or technical aspects.

Regularly using the URL Inspection Tool as part of your SEO strategy can significantly enhance your site’s performance, ensuring it remains accessible, user-friendly, and optimised for search engines. Doing so is essential for maintaining a healthy and high-performing website.

You can read more about using the Search Console URL Inspection Tool.

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