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Click Share Data Coming to Google Ads

There are a wide range of different metrics available to view within a Google Ads campaign, and Google have just announced a new figure that will appear in the coming weeks – click share. This has been available in Shopping campaigns for some time, but can now be viewed for all search campaigns by advertisers to gauge the coverage of the potential market.

Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received. The lower your click share, the more opportunity you have to capture additional clicks. For example, if your ad is clicked 20 times, but Google estimates that it could have been clicked 100 times (for example if you had more extensions, higher bids, or higher budgets), then your click share is shown as 20%.

There can be many reasons why a Google Ads account may show lost click share, and so the main ways to improve this figure would be to either increase Impression Share, or improve Ad Rank. Increasing impression share means that ads are showing in the auctions more often, either by increasing daily budgets, or bids or ad quality to ensure that ads are appearing in the search results.

Improving ad rank will involve either increasing bid levels, or getting a higher quality score for a keyword. We’ve covered quality scores in previous posts, and this will be determined by the clickthrough rate, the ad relevancy, and also the landing page relevance to the keyword. The first two are closely related, and ultimately it can come down to getting better clickthrough rates from more effective and relevant ads.

Impression share figures have been available for some years and these give a wider overview of campaign and adgroup performance. The new click share figures will be useful to see how keywords are performing and where there may be opportunities to increase search coverage for good performing keywords. Google’s best practice advice is to use impression share to view impression growth opportunities with bid or budget increases, and click share to view click growth opportunities with more extensions or bid or budget increases.

This new click share metric is available at the Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword level for Search campaigns. For Shopping campaigns, it’s available for the Product Group, Campaign, Ad group, and Shopping Attributes. The column can be added to the table view by selecting this under Modify Columns and checking the Competitive Metrics category.

If you’d like to know more about the new Click Share metric and how to view it for your Google Ads campaigns, please get in touch.