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Google Ads Automation for the ‘New Normal’

Digital marketers can utilise machine learning and automation to help embrace and adapt to the ‘new normal’ after the current coronavirus crisis subsides, by making campaigns more efficient, allowing them to balance work life with changing personal responsibilities.

We have covered automated bid strategies in previous posts, such as Google Ads Bid Adjustments vs. Auto-bidding and these options help advertisers take the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet performance goals.

That post also describes the 6 types of automated bid strategies currently available. These are four ways that the most can be made of them in these changing times:

1. Match customer needs and reduce wasteful spending

Machine learning and Smart bidding optimises bids for conversions or conversion value. It can handle query and click volume fluctuations when the demand has been changing suddenly. This helps match customer needs and reduces wasteful spending.

2. Simplify planning and make the most of your budgets

In this dynamic market it’s important to make the best use of resources.
Performance Planner can help plan the advertising spend, manage budgets across campaigns, and better understand seasonal ups and downs. It simulates relevant ad auctions to give an insight on campaigns’ projected performance and provide suggestions to help them perform better for the same spend.

If, like many businesses right now, there is less time available to spend setting up and monitoring individual budgets, try using shared budgets in Google Ads. It will automatically adjust how a budget is allocated across different campaigns to help improve the ROI.

3. Action tailored account recommendations

Optimisation Score gives tailored recommendations on where a campaign’s performance can be improved. It can be accessed via the Recommendations Page in your Google Ads account.

A campaign is scored between 0% (room for improvement) and 100% (fully optimised).

4. Reach new customers

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) can be used to reach new audiences by quickly directing potential customers to what they want on your website.

It does this when someone searches with terms closely related to the titles and frequently used phrases on the site, by selecting an appropriate landing page and generating a clear and highly relevant headline for the ad.


The benefits and opportunities automation delivers can potentially alleviate some of the extra burden and help marketers adapt to a new marketing environment, but as noted in the previous posts, it has to be used selectively and monitored closely to ensure the results from its use are only positive.

If you want to know more about how machine learning and automation could help your business to adapt to the ‘new normal’, please get in touch.