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Google Ads Local Actions Conversions

In a follow-up to our October blog on The Benefits of Google Store Visit Conversions, we now take a look at local actions conversions. The conversions in Google Ads are a type of conversion tracking that helps businesses measure the effectiveness of their online advertising in driving offline actions at their physical locations.

If store visits conversion tracking is already being used, it may not be necessary to use local actions conversions as your account will automatically begin reporting them if the criteria is met for store visit conversions. If your store visit conversions are low, or if you don’t measure store visits, local actions conversions provide relevant campaign performance reporting.

Local actions conversions are counted whenever people complete an action that’s specific to an advertiser’s physical location (like a store), during or after interacting with an ad for that advertiser.

Since local action conversions happen on Google’s products and services (such as Google Maps) and local actions are automatically defined by Google Ads. Local actions conversion data is aggregated and they are only available to certain advertisers. They are not available to advertisers with sensitive location categories related to healthcare, religion, sexual content and children.

If your account records conversions associated with these local actions, you’ll see them in the Conversion actions table, along with any other conversion actions that have been defined.

These can also be found in any of your Google Ads reports by segmenting the ‘All conversions’ column by conversion action. By default, conversions associated with local actions conversions are not included in the ‘Conversions’ column.

The following table shows the local actions conversions:

If you want to know more about how Local Actions Conversions and Google Store Visit Conversions can help your business, please get in touch.