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Google Ads Reorganises its Smart Bidding Strategies

From late April 2021 Google Ads reorganised its Smart Bidding strategies. For most advertisers, the only change will be a switch to a different bidding strategy with little impact on performance.

It bundled the current Target CPA (tCPA) and Target ROAS (tROAS) strategies with Maximise conversions and Maximise conversion value, respectively.

Some advertisers will no longer be able to create tROAS or tCPA bid strategies. Instead, they will see a new field to add a target CPA when using the ‘Maximise Conversions’ strategy and a new field for target ROAS when using the ‘Maximise Conversion Value’ strategy.

It’s intended that this transition will ultimately lead to the tCPA and tROAS strategies becoming fully absorbed into their new counterparts.

This table shows the new settings (post-April 2021) that will be equivalent to the ones used previously:

For most advertisers, not much will change in terms of how their bids are managed, even after Google combines their tCPA and tROAS strategies into their updated Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value strategies.

If you want to know more about how these changes to Smart Bidding could impact your business’s Google Ads campaign, please get in touch.