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Google AI for Video Advertising

Google recently announced at the Marketing Live 2023 Seminar the launch of Video View campaigns. This new campaign type is poised to help advertisers further connect with their audience, since it’ll be seamless to create one video ad that fits various placements across YouTube.

Google AI-powered solutions provide new ways to create vision with video campaigns that help drive high-impact results. With all the different devices and content types available now, people’s viewing habits are more varied than ever.

AI-powered video campaigns deploy ad creatives across a custom mix of YouTube’s in-stream skippable ads, in-feed ads and YouTube Shorts environments and on connected TV, desktop, and mobile devices. Video view campaigns are meant to maximise results on YouTube on a cost-per-view basis and were released in June 2023 as a Beta version.

The other types of video campaign to choose from depends upon the media objective. If the objective is driving online conversions, then Video action campaigns are most suitable. If the objective is awareness, then Video reach campaigns are the best choice.

AI-powered solutions can assist with the creation and adaptation of videos for YouTube’s wide range of ad formats and viewing environments. By using a variety of formats, like vertical video ads for YouTube Shorts, reach and impact can be maximised.

For Performance Max and App campaigns, there are currently two solutions available:

A video generation technology that repackages existing assets into new vertical, horizontal, or square video ads
This transforms existing static images, text, Google Merchant Center or app-store listing assets into video ads. More video assets in a campaign means more ways to reach people with the right ad, in the right environment.

A technology that flips horizontal videos into vertical or square videos
All the critical visual elements that tell your story are preserved. With the growth of YouTube Shorts, it’s even more important to have a vertical asset that matches the vertical viewing environment.

Whether your own assets are created or if Google AI assists, having ads in multiple orientations is important to maximise performance across all campaign types.

There many features that provide flexibility with Google Ads video campaigns, but they can also lead to mistakes when setting up such a campaign.

These are four to be aware of:

  • Video ads will default to showing outside of YouTube;
  • Video ad extensions don’t show up on TV devices;
  • Google can ignore your managed placements;
  • Not every Display network website plays video ads.

You can read more about settings to beware of in Google Ads Video Campaigns.

It’s also important to measure the true value of a YouTube ad campaign by utilising these four underrated metrics:

  • “Video played to” column;
  • Earned actions;
  • View-through and cross-device conversions;
  • Audience performance.

You can read more about underrated YouTube metrics to quantify video campaign success.

If you want to know more about how the use of AI in Google Video Ads can help promote your business’s products or services, get in touch.