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The Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

There have been some on-going developments to Google Analytics over the past year which have facilitated its user-friendliness with easier ways to see how your website is performing on key metrics. This should be of interest to any business using this tool, or Analytics user who wants quick and easy access to different report formats and to the key metrics that really matter to their website marketing.

Google originally announced the launch of its Google Analytics Solutions Gallery in January 2013. This was aimed to help new users, for whom it can be overwhelming to figure out where to look first for the data and insights that enable better decision making. It was also directed towards more advanced users, for whom it can be time consuming to create different custom reports or dashboards to get the clearest snapshot of a website’s performance.

The Google Analytics Solutions Gallery has been developing over the past year and is now a valuable resource that hosts a wide variety of Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Custom Reports which can be quickly and easily imported into your own Analytics account to see how well a website is performing on different key metrics. Google initially introduced a range of solutions that it deemed to be useful for most businesses, but as more users create and share new report formats, the gallery now holds over 3,000 different templates, such as:

  • Social sharing report – Content is king, but only if you know what it’s up to. Learn what content from your website visitors are sharing and how they’re sharing it.
  • Mobile activity reports – choose from a range of dashboards or custom reports to get deeper insights into mobile or tablet behaviour.
  • Publisher dashboard – Bloggers can use this dashboard to see where readers come from and what they do on your site.
  • Technical dashboard – get insights into load speed, browser usage and screen resolutions to monitor how well your site performs.
  • Engaged traffic advanced segment – Measure traffic from high-value visitors who view at least three pages AND spend more than three minutes on your site. Why do these people love your site?

Once you are logged into your Analytics account, you can access the Gallery from different points when setting up new reports, or you can go directly to the Solutions Gallery site. The most popular reports being downloaded recently are:

  • New Google Analytics User Starter Bundle
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Site Performance Dashboard
  • SEO Dashboard – Finding Top Content and Keywords
  • Segmentation Greatest Hits: From Ad Analysis to SEO to Sitelinks
  • SEO Insights for Google Organic (not provided)
  • The Remarketing starter pack (A recent inclusion that improves Remarketing with Google Analytics, by enabling the full power of enhanced segmentation for this data set).

Google’s efforts to ease the use of Analytics for both novice and advanced users have been well received and the development of the Solutions Gallery will continue. If you would like to know more about this resource and how it can help to filter the most important metrics for your website, contact us now for more information.