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Google Discovery Ad Campaigns Now Available Globally

Google recently made Discovery Campaigns available globally for Google Ads. This type of campaign helps to reach consumers in the moments when they’re open to learning about new products and services when browsing YouTube, checking the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs, as well as scrolling through Discover to catch up on favourite topics.

By pairing this expansive reach with Google’s machine learning and unique understanding of intent, brands are finding it easier to connect with new, qualified customers at scale. The machine learning does this by finding the best combination of ad assets and rendering them natively across each Google property.

Discovery campaigns can showcase products or services with ads that are rich, authentic and relevant by using either a single image or an image carousel, which can help tell a brand’s unique story and inspire consumers to take action as they swipe through each image.

It’s recommended that a variety of high-resolution images are uploaded in these sizes: 1200×628 and 1200×1200.                                                                                                These are the Discovery ads creative guidelines details.

Discovery campaigns can also assist in learning more about your customers and what resonates with them. In addition, audience-level reports help to understand which customers are most likely to interact with the ads, as well as which are most likely to take action or make a purchase.

If you to know more about Discovery Campaigns could help your business, please get in touch.