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Google Rolls Out Smart Display Campaigns for AdWords

Smart display campaigns began rolling out to all AdWords advertisers from the end of April, with the intention of letting users reach more customers easily on the Google Display Network. Using the power of Google’s automation, these campaigns are designed to make it easier to advertisers to create campaigns that reach the target audience at the right time, and with the right message.

There are now over 3 million apps and websites on the Google Display Network (GDN), from popular news websites to the latest gaming apps. No matter what potential customers are doing to stay informed or entertained across the GDN, it’s important for advertisers to reach them with timely and relevant messages. In order to do that, it’s necessary to find the right customers, tailor your creative to them and set optimal bids.

This is where the new Smart display campaigns come in, as they use the power of Google’s machine learning to automatically:

  • Connect your business to prospective customers who may be interested in your products, using insights from millions of apps and sites
  • Create beautiful image, native and text ads that fit anywhere across the GDN
  • Set the right bids to meet your performance goals.

Only Google provides automation like this at scale, helping to deliver richer experiences to consumers and better results for a brand. Google states that advertisers who use Smart display campaigns are seeing an average 20% increase in conversions at the same CPA, compared to their other display campaigns.

The large hotel search platform, Trivago, is cited as using Smart display campaigns to help travellers around the world find hotel rooms that meet all their travel needs. The travel brand provided creative assets (with headlines like “Find Great Hotel Deals,”), together with descriptions of its hotel listings and beautiful images of destinations like Rome and London, plus its logo. They also set business goals, with a target CPA and daily budget.

AdWords did the rest, creating over 25,000 tailored ads and showing them to travellers shopping for hotel deals. With Smart display campaigns, it’s claimed that Trivago drove 36% more conversions at the same CPA, compared to its other similar display campaigns. The brand now uses Smart display campaigns across markets in Europe, Asia and North America. So the potential is evident and this is a significant step forward for Google’s Display Network.

If you want to know more about how Smart display campaigns and how to implement them, contact us now for details.