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Google Tag Manager – Why Use It?

Following on from the first article this month about Universal Analytics, this is a perfect time to consider implementing Google’s Tag Manager code on your website, as it offers numerous benefits to both business owners and marketing managers. A key benefit of the Tag Manager (GTM) is its ability to deliver any code that you want to your site, without lengthy manual and sometimes costly, code changes. This will make future upgrades and enhancements much simpler, since modifications can be made through GTM by marketers and not through technical developers.

If you decide to implement the new code for the Universal Analytics tracking on your website, then it’s also a good time to consider setting up a Google Tag Manager account and using this code instead – which can incorporate the Analytics tracking functions. Some of the other benefits in setting up the Google Tag Manager are:

  • Speed
    As changes and new tags can be made rapidly and do not require code changes to the website it’s great for marketers, with its excellent ability for quickly adding marketing tags for Adwords or conversion tracking, without involving a developer.
  • Flexibility
    As marketers don’t need to involve a developer with every tweak to simple tags, this frees up time for developers to focus on larger projects. GTM’s robust features and extreme customisation options also give it great flexibility.
  • Debug Options
    A critical element is the ability to use GTM’s de-bugger to ensure tags work before they are live on the site.
  • Version Control
    Every time you publish a change, it creates a new version, which is archived. If at any time you need to rollback to an existing version, you can do so easily. This is also a great way to keep tags organised and trouble-shoot tagging problems.
  • User Permissions
    GTM allows you to set permissions for individual users that include view, edit, and publish. So varying levels of access can be provided for internal employees, or for out-sourced marketing agencies.
  • Built-In Tags
    GTM has included tags for classic and Universal Analytics, AdWords conversions, remarketing, as well as other popular ad networks. These allow marketers to customise the tags with just a few pieces of information and without the time-consuming complication of implementing code.
  • Event Listeners
    GTM can be used to target links or buttons by attributes that are already on the link, or by using a standardised naming structure like data attributes, instead of manually tagging each link that you want to track as an event within Google Analytics. This a very important and time-saving benefit.

The reason for adopting the use of GTM is very compelling, especially due to the way in which it can reduce resources and is so adaptable and customisable. There are numerous types of code that can be quickly added to your site, a few examples of which can be seen here.

In you’d like more information about the benefits of GTM and how it can save your business money, please contact us now.