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New Google Ads Feature: Enhanced Conversions

Google claims that its recently launched Google Ads feature, Enhanced Conversions, provides a privacy-focused solution that can revolutionise conversion tracking and unlock hidden potential.

This supplements existing conversion tags by sending encrypted first-party customer data (like email addresses) to Google, allowing it to match user interactions with your ads to actual conversions, even when cookies are blocked or disabled. As the data is hashed, Google can’t see its content.

Enhanced Conversions connect the dots across phones, tablets, and laptops. So, when someone checks out the ad on their ‘phone and later converts on their laptop that can now be tracked as a conversion. They can also measure leads from website forms, if those are uploaded. (Enhanced Conversions data can be tracked alongside standard conversions in the Ads reports).

These are the key benefits:

Recover Lost Conversions: Traditional tracking often misses conversions due to privacy settings. Enhanced Conversions fills the gaps, giving you a more accurate picture of your campaign performance.

Unlock Smarter Bidding: With richer data, Google Ads can optimise bids more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates and lower costs.

Privacy-Conscious: Data is hashed for security, ensuring user privacy while providing valuable insights.

Enhanced Attribution: Understand the full customer journey, from initial ad click to conversion, uncovering hidden touchpoints that influence buying decisions.

Enhanced Conversions works with website purchases, leads, app installs, and in-app actions and can be implemented using the Google tag, Google Tag Manager, or the Google Ads API.

In summary, Enhanced Conversions can be used to track both online and offline conversions and as the data is encrypted, it does so without invading anyone’s privacy. So by accruing more accurate data, a deeper understanding of the audience can be gained to optimise the campaigns for better results through smarter marketing decisions.

You can read more about Enhanced Conversions.

If you want to know more about how using them can help your business please get in touch.