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Refine Your Google Search Skills

As Google develops its search database and results list for any given search, so do searchers become more sophisticated in the way they use Google and enter a search query. However, if there are times when you get frustrated trying to find the right result, have a go at Google’s search test and find new techniques to improve your own search skills.

Called ‘A Google a Day‘, this service has been available for just over 7 years but is a little known resource. It takes the form of an online challenge, or trivia game, and changes each day with a new search query that you try to solve in the given time as your points score reduces. There are no prizes, just the satisfaction of getting the answer using the best techniques for Google’s search engine.

As the strapline on A Google a Day says, there are no right ways to solve the question, but only one answer!. It asks general knowledge questions each day in a cryptic manner, that can be solved by using search techniques on Google. It’s intended to be used to improve searching skills while having fun, and it also provides a hint, if needed, or the first letters of the answer.

If you play regularly then you will quickly learn useful search techniques to make your future searches more efficient, as well as acquiring interesting bits of knowledge that could help with quizzes and puzzles or provide food for thought! So give it a go to see if it triggers your imagination and helps you discover all the types of questions for which Google can provide an answer.

If you’d like more information or help with searching Google or want to improve your search techniques, please contact us now for more information.