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Controlling Data Use in Google Analytics

Rising consumer expectations and changing industry regulations have set higher standards for user privacy and data protection. Now Google Analytics provides businesses with a variety of features to control how their data is used.

Here is an overview of controls in Analytics that govern how data is collected, stored, and used – all of which can be adjusted at any time.

There are three ways businesses can now manage data in Google Analytics:

1. Control the data settings in your account

Google Analytics data settingsYou can access various settings in your Analytics account to control how you collect, retain, and share data.

  • Decide if you need to accept the Data Processing Terms
  • Anonymize IP addresses for your Web property
  • Disable some or all data collection
  • Set the data retention period
  • Select what data you share with your support team and Google
  • Review your Google signals setting.

2. Choose whether the data is used for ads personalisation

Google Analytics data personalisationDigital advertising helps to reach people online and drive conversions on apps and websites. When ads personalisation is enabled in Analytics, such as by activating Google signals, the function is enabled to use Analytics audiences to personalise the digital ads which can improve the performance of your campaigns.

It’s possible to customise how the Analytics data is used for ads personalisation:

  • Control ads personalisation for your entire Analytics property
  • Control ads personalisation by geography
  • Control ads personalisation by event type or user property
  • Control ads personalisation for an individual event or session.

 3. Remove data from Analytics

Google Analytics data removalData can be removed from Google Analytics for any reason and at any time. The request for the data to be deleted can be from the Analytics servers or for the information for a single user:

  • Request data to be deleted
  • Delete data for individual users
  • Delete a property.


Google Analytics is continuously investing in capabilities to ensure businesses can access durable, privacy-centric and easy to use analytics that work with and without cookies or identifiers.

We can help companies get the most from Google Analytics settings and data reports to provide business insights. If you’d like more information about how your business can control how Analytics data is used, please get in touch.