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Google Ads Bid Strategy Report

A useful report within Google Ads is the bid strategy one which is an important tool to understand how Smart Bidding strategies on Search are performing. It shows the top bidding signals for campaigns using Target CPA, Target ROAS, Target impression share, Maximise clicks, Maximise conversions and Maximise conversion value bidding strategies, at both the campaign or portfolio level.

It includes tailored metrics to show what’s most relevant to each type of bid strategy, as well as other important data like bid strategy status, average target, conversion delay, and top signals available for Target CPA and Maximize conversion bidding.

The top signals metric support for Target ROAS and Maximise conversion value will be available at a later date. This feature highlights some of the dimensions where the bid strategy is automatically optimising bids for visitors who are more or less likely to convert. (More about this can be read in the subsequent blog: Google Ads Top Signals Provide More Insight into Bid Strategies).

Other metrics within the bid strategy reports include:

Scorecard: This is a snapshot of metrics specific to the type of bid strategy being viewed.
e.g. a report on Target CPA will show a snapshot of your “Average Target CPA”, “Actual CPA” and “Conversions” among others.                                                                                   A report on Maximize clicks will show metrics for “Clicks” and “Cost per Click.”

Conversion delay: Understand how long it takes most of your users to convert. Then wait until all the conversions have been reported before evaluating the performance of the bid strategy.

Performance chart: Compare the performance of up to two metrics over time. Choose any two columns that matter to the campaign and adjust the time frame to see data for any date range.

Simulations: Estimate changes to performance when changes are made to target or daily budget.

Instructions on how to locate the bid strategy report are here.

If you’d like to know more about how get the best results by using the useful Bid Strategy Reports and top signals with your Ads campaign, please contact us for details.