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Google AdWords to Disappear

No, this is not as bad as it sounds, but Google AdWords is going to change in July 2018, with a rebranding to Google Ads. Combined with this, the new AdWords interface – which has been available as an option for more than a year – is now going to become the only interface available to users.

This second change is the one that will have the biggest impact for advertisers who have not yet made the switch to the new look interface. Google did recently suggest that the changeover would not happen until early next year, but they now seem to have brought this forward to July 2018 for most advertisers, who will switch to the new look and not have the link back to the old view.

This is the biggest change to AdWords since the interface went through its last notable change back in 2009. Each of these events can take some adjustment, but for regular users, the new look will quickly become the norm and also offers new tools and reports, as well as some good functions that will disappear. However, this is the way it will now be and advertisers will need to adapt to the new version and learn how to get the most from it.

The other change that coincides with this move is the rebranding of AdWords for the first time since it launched in 2000. The AdWords blog has announced that on 24th July 2018, Google AdWords will become Google Ads. This new Google Ads brand represents the full range of campaign types available, such as Search, Display and Video.

The new Google Ads name and logo will begin to appear across the product interface, Help Center, invoices and more, so that AdWords will disappear into history as the new brand becomes the norm. The current URL to access AdWords will also change from to

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