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Using Local Inventory Ads In Google Shopping Campaigns

Local inventory ads allow products and shop information to be shown to nearby shoppers searching with Google. When shoppers click an ad that shows the local product they arrive on the local shop front, a Google-hosted page for your shop or your omnichannel landing page.

Google Shopping Local Inventory AdsShoppers use the local shop front to view in-store inventory, get shop hours, get directions to your shops and more. For the retailer there are a number of key benefits in using these ads:

  • Promote in-store inventory: Let local shoppers know that your shop has the products that they’re looking for, at the moment they search on Google;
  • Bring the local shop online: Use the Google-hosted local shop front or your own website with the merchant-hosted local shop front feature as a robust, digital local shop-front experience;
  • Highlight your shop’s collection options directly on the local inventory ads;
    Use the collect today feature to show which products can be reserved or bought online and collected in store within the same day or the next day;
  • Use the collect later feature:  advertise products which are currently not available in your shops but that can be collected in store within a specific service level agreement (SLA). Alternatively you can use collect later for Shopping ads in conjunction with Shopping ads without being required to provide full inventory information. Advertise your Shopping ads products that can be collected in store within a specific SLA;
  • Measure performance: Monitor the impact that your digital ads have on online and in-store performance goals.


As the use of tablets and mobile devices has grown, consumer behavior has evolved. Gone are the days of shoppers roaming from department store to department store to check whether their desired products are available and to compare prices. Instead, many are conducting online searchers prior to and during their shopping excursions. Using Local Inventory Ads is an excellent way to bridge this gap.

By showing in-store availability, advertisers drive foot traffic to their stores and ensure that shoppers come in prepared to make a purchase (or many, if they were inspired by the list of ‘related products’ on the storefront page).

You can learn more about the steps to implement Local Inventory Ads here.

If you want to know how we can help your business by implementing those, please get in touch. We have been specialist Google Ads consultants since 2002 and have helped many online stores run effective Google Shopping campaigns.