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Targeting Google Ads in Google Maps

For online marketers targeting a local geographic area, getting a business listing appearing on Google Maps searches is vital, and this can be done with a Google My Business listing. However, if you’re using Google Ads, you can also get a local ad appearing in the results, and above the organic listings.

Local search ads on Google can be used to promote a business location to a local market and lead users to call or visit the business. When people search for nearby businesses on Google or Google Maps (for example, “locksmiths near me”), they should see the standard results that are generated from Google My Business listings, as well as one or more local search ads that feature relevant business locations.

To get your business appearing in relevant local search ads, you first have to ensure that your My Business listing is set up and linked to your Google Ads account as a location extension. You then need to use location targeting for your campaign and bid by location so that your bids increase for people located near your business. Finally you need to optimise your keywords and use keywords in your campaign that relate to your location and what people are searching for locally.

You should note that call extensions will not be displayed with local search ad formats, but advertisers are charged a standard cost-per-click for these interactions on local search ads: Website clicks; Get location detail clicks; Get direction clicks; Mobile clicks-to-call clicks.

Once your Google Ads are appearing in map searches, you can review the performance data in your conversions reports, including:
* Get location detail clicks: when people click to expand ads from the search results list
* Get direction clicks: when people click to get directions to your business
* Mobile clicks-to-call clicks: when people click to call your business.

Google Ads will also include local conversion actions in the conversions report area, which track interactions with your Google My Business listing during or after an interaction with an ad for the same business. We covered this feature last year and this can help to provide more insights into how your target audience is engaging with your local business content when related to a Google Ads campaign.

To find out more, or if you have any questions about local marketing for your business, please get in touch.